Friday, January 4, 2008

My Favorite Day - Part II

With the Holidaze over, I finally got around to posting what should have been my December entry. Enjoy…

The day before thanksgiving, I play hooky and head across the Golden Gate Bridge to a local Farmers Market. Typically on Sundays and Thursdays, the
San Rafael Civic Center Farmers Market – the best in the Bay Area – is open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. With my list in hand, $80 bucks in my pocket, I scour the market in search of all the produce to make Thanksgiving feast for eight of my dear friends.

Did I actually expect to find everything on my list? No.

Did I find everything on my list? Amazingly, yes - right down to the pomegranate seeds from my Pommosas!

I get my yellow Charlotte potatoes from
Little Organic Farm in Petaluma. My arugula, and all my herbs come from the Marin Organics stand. The beautiful beets for the roasted beet salad I buy from Fully Belly Farm. I stop in downtown San Rafael and pick up sourdough for my dressing. With my Diestel turkey already brining at home – I’ve got everything I need.

A completely local Thanksgiving – that’s why I’m thankful to live in Northern California.

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